imagine if . . .

. . . you could lay your baby down and they'd fall asleep.

. . . you could count on a full night of sleep every.single.night.

. . . you could wake up feeling rested.

. . . you didn't have anxiety over your baby not getting the sleep they need.

. . . you didn't have to worry about if you are doing the right thing when it comes to your baby's sleep.

it's here, and you can have it for life!

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why isn't my baby sleeping?

sleep methods

appropriate sleep for every age

step by step how-to get your baby to sleep

sleep props


example schedules

early mornings

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downloadable files for schedules, awake times, naps, maximum sleep, and more!

april d. russo (MSN, RN, CSC)

hi! i'm april. my husband and i both grew up in large families that just keep getting bigger! we have 28 nieces and nephews (with a few on the way) from 11 siblings! since i was 11 years old, i knew i wanted to be a nurse in the nicu. for the past 5 years i've been able to live out my dream, taking care of hundreds of babies. 

as amazing of a job it is, i found myself missing the families and babies that i worked with once they left the nicu. i felt like i was missing an opportunity to continue to support families with some of their deepest struggles. one of these struggles was their baby's sleep!

in most conversations i have with friends & family about their infants and toddlers, the number one complaint i hear is about their baby's sleep. i knew there had to be some way i could help.

by leveraging my nicu experience, education, and sleep consulting experience, i hope to be by your side as you navigate this new and exciting time of your life!

Example Curriculum

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  Module 1: Why Your Baby Is Not Sleeping
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  Module 2: Where To Start?
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  Module 3: Choose A Method
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  Module 4: Have A Toddler ?
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